Beauty buzz: Yours Truly Organics

With mama and baby in mind, this is the best new mum skin routine I have seen in a while. Everything is there for the on-the-go, I have no time to look after my skin new mama. Yours Truly Organics has created a cleanser, toner, serum and balm in their range, and together this is … Continue reading Beauty buzz: Yours Truly Organics

Back to running…With Wild Country Fit

run pic

I have simply just lost my mojo, and with travelling and work, life just got in the way. Going for a run seemed more like a chore than any sort of pleasure. Mariella has just started school and this is where you meet all new mums and dads and find out if you are really … Continue reading Back to running…With Wild Country Fit

Chic Report: St Tropez Event Destination

st tropez

There is nothing that screams summer more than a holiday in St Tropez.  Woo hoo - wild parties on Nikki beach, music festival in Ramatuelle, morning markets full of fresh fruit and vegetables, and long days in Pampelonne beach clubs. I'm planning my escape from the hum-drum right now. St Tropez is also a fabulous … Continue reading Chic Report: St Tropez Event Destination

Getting your digital on: Promoting your event


Bbloggers, Fbloggers, collaborators, and event professionals... Don't shy away from embracing the entire digital experience when it comes to promoting your event. It's time to reach out and tell your story by hosting a great event. But how best to promote it? It’s a blessing, as far as I’m concerned, that a lot more businesses … Continue reading Getting your digital on: Promoting your event

The Chic Report: Matcha Madness


Scientifically proven to elevate mood, aid weight loss and boost metabolism, it’s no wonder health fanatics and celebrities alike have flocked to trade in the builder’s blend for this cup of glory. In particular, Teasan heralds itself as producing the highest grade of Japanese Matcha by using only the top 2-3 shoots of green tea … Continue reading The Chic Report: Matcha Madness

How to get press to attend your event

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You have an amazing product or service to showcase. You've spent months, years in the planning, the branding, the look, the feel. You've taken your idea to market and now it is time to get press to notice it. From first time launches, to fashion collections, new additions to your business or a change in … Continue reading How to get press to attend your event

Millennial Party Planning

An opinion piece... So much has changed in the party designing world…well, my job description for a start. Once a conference & event coordinator heading into the Millennium, then a party planner, which soon turned into a party designer, and these days I am know as an event producer. Just as my job title has … Continue reading Millennial Party Planning