Ice Queen Cometh

My love affair with ice continues well and truly into week six.

Day by day it is getting beyond a craving and turning into an addiction – I think about having it crunch in my mouth, with small bits gliding down the back of my throat. Whether I want whole cubes, slightly melted cubes, or shavings. Mr Smith will have a hard job keeping up ice supplies for this Ice Queen.

Stocking of ice has become a major chore

At 33 weeks I am more aware of my movements, slowing down, feeling bouts of energy and lulls of down time, and I’m a pretty dab hand at peeing into a tiny cup. The experts will refer to my obsession with eating ice as an eating disorder called ‘pica’.

Pica is a recognised medical condition and like any ‘obsessive’ illness, it rules my life. I cannot leave the house without making sure that I have enough ice stock for when I come home. I know the types of eateries that I can get a good glass of ice without any questions being asked and without embarrassment. Starbucks for example have their own ice machines and the ice is always good chunks of crushed iced – and there are never any questions (as long as I have a soya latte to go with it).

There are a lot of people in this world who cringe at the sound of ice crunching, and just cannot be around me. One of them is Mr Smith – I am sure his cigarrette habit has increased since my my ice crunching became an obsession.

However being the Ice Queen has also been a life saver. I was admitted to hospital the other week with difficulty breathing, lots of pains and dizzy spells. Loads and loads of tests were carried out over 24 hours – lots for precaution, and lots that carry with them scary outcomes. When Mr Smith mentioned by need for ice, the doctor on duty immediately took a blood sample and tested me for anemia. Half an hour later, results were conclusive – I was and am anemic. My ice crunching obsession in an indication of being anemic – along with my restless legs – but that is for another blog post.

Well all I can say is that I love ice and cannot make enough of the stuff. Time to invest in more than one ice tray!


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