Some of my favourite things

Reading through my favourite web site I-escape. When the pressure is too much, when I need some inspiration, I-escape offers the perfect travel ideas. From chic boutique city hotels, to yurts perched on the edge of a Californian hillside.

Wearing funky earrings and a chic headband. Having long hair, it is easy to perch it up in a French knot and just leave the house (avec makeup), but having something unusual in my hair, or dangling from my ears just makes me feel like I’ve made an extra effort with me.

Flipping through my coffee table picture books over my morning Green Tea. My favourite at the moment is ‘A Year of Mornings – 3191 Miles Apart’. The morning hours before the hustle and bustle of the day commences is the perfect time to pause and enjoy a sense of renewal and vitality. By Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes.

Teapigs tea. I discovered this extensive range of tea when I owned my restaurant, and we only stocked this tea. My favourite is liquorice & peppermint.

Visiting the V&A. A few stops along from East Putney station and I’m there – transformed into a world behind Victorian walls of art and beauty. Whatever the exhibition, I end up being seduced by the V&A gift shop where I have to buy my beloved ceramic buttons. Sometimes I sew the buttons on a cardigan or the edge of a tea dress. Sometimes I just arrange them on a shelf and take photos of them. When not in the gift shop, I can be found in the South East Asian displays of Samurai swords & rich fabrics.

Japanese textiles at the V&A London

Taking an unusual photo of the day. From a pin-stripe denim corsage, to the edge of a book, freshly brewed tea, to the beautiful face of my husband. It seems not a day in my life has gone by without a camera close to hand to capture all sorts of fun, beautiful and memorable moments. For inspiration visit The Photographers’ Gallery. It’s the largest public gallery in London dedicated to photography. From the latest emerging talent, to historical archives and established artists – we are the place to see photography in all its forms.

Booking in for a facial or massage. My favourite at the moment is the ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ facial delivered by Helen at Cupcake Mum in Putney, London. Cupcake Mum is a members only club, but non-members can book in for any of the spa treatments.

Writing my husband a thank you card. He does so much for me, and spoils me with little things that really matter. Last night he made me a very iron-rich dinner. Four things on a plate that had researched and put together for a fantastic healthy meal to keep me going. Think I will do that right now…

Writing postcards to my friends and family, and writing in my notebooks. It’s never an essay that I write, just a few short messages sometimes funny, sometimes just an observation. Re-reading them is a beautiful walk down memory lane capturing all sorts of moments from our travels. I can often be found in Paperchase where you will find gorgeous notebooks, novel bits and pieces for your writing desk. I have a penchant for a good black, ink pen too.

A spray of Chanel No. 5 perfume. It’s my classic indulgence. A spoonful of Nutella, and I very rarely share the jar. Writing this blog was very inspirational and put a smile of sweet satisfaction on my face. How to sum up all these things in my eulogy, or a single, soulful statement on my gravestone?


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