The new age resume

The resume is something that every working person has created at one time or another in our life, and for some, no matter what age, you will still need to keep it updated, interesting and stand out from the rest in a very competitive global marketplace.

Once limited to between one and three pages, a new format of the resume is emerging and I hope it catches on. How about producing an online blog or web site of your CV. Making it interactive, compatible with various technologies, and shows you globally. I like it.

Those I have seen so far are snappy, fun, and show off a prospective candidate as smart. By smart I mean it is all very well saying that you understand or use technology, but how about demonstrating this to prospective employers by creating your CV in the online world.

Short, snappy snippets of vital information with an invitation for an employer to ‘click here’ and ‘read more’. Sharing links to other sites or to your hobbies, or direct links to previous employer’s web sites to show they are genuine. This is my favourite – actually earning money from your CV blog by having advertisers on your pages, so as viewers click, you earn money to spend on your interview outfit.


This blog post was inspired through a Tweet about a girl called Celine Cavaillero who’s resume went viral through a clever idea she used to launch her CV as a web site. Someone give this girl a job, and a pat on the back:


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