Time for sleep

Dead to the world: Cat napping

The Spanish have it just right. Siesta time. No, not lazy, well rested and probably a lot happier.

We have an 11 year old nephew who is Spanish and we love the lifestyle he is being brought up in. He is the most relaxed and interesting child I’ve had the pleasure to be with in ages, and I think a lot of it is down to his napping habits.

Even our cats have it right. Several naps throughout the day, and they wake up, eat, go for a wander, meet a few friends for beers, get into the brawl, and then come home. Amusing to think of our cats as human. When they sleep they just seem to be dead to the world – let’s take a leaf out of their book.

In a bid to find my own relaxation time, and being fortunate enough to work freelance, I have introduced nap time into my life. Fresh bedding, a scented candle, no make up, lose hair, a spritz of lavender on my pillow, and Chill on the digital radio. A book is always close to hand, but I’ve been reading the same page for four days now.

Some days I nap for 20 minutes, other days it is an hour. One day I didn’t end up sleeping at all, but felt relaxed, cool and calm after emerging from my self-made holistic den.

We all know the importance of getting good sleep each day/night (depending on your lifestyle and job), at least six to seven hours. We all know the downside to a bad diet, or a full on lifestyle that can leave us sleep deprived or having too much sleep. But what about napping…

Snoozing for a half-hour can be an enjoyable way to promote physical well-being, and naps have been known to improve your mood and memory. A 20-minute nap can sharpen your senses and revitalize you, while a ten minute nap can leave you feeling more cheerful. (pulled from DailyOm website).

So, how far to do you go in creating your perfect sleep den? Mine is my bedroom and my penchant for fresh bedding, calm music and scents. What about a lavender infused silk eye mask, beautifully soft boulster cushions…the list could be endless. If this is you, then my find of the day is Holistic Silk.

I love the lavender infused silk eye masks, brocade silk neck pillows, embroided yoga mats for mums and even a yoga mat for baby (too cute), chic slipper socks, and massaging slippers.

However you choose to set up your nap time, just make sure you don’t have any distractions including the mobile phone. Leave it in another room – the world will not fall apart if you don’t Tweet for 20 minutes.


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