Giving in to the skinnies

Well, I finally did it…I have bought my one & only maternity item. At seven and a half months pregnant, I wanted my skinny jeans back, but there is no way I can get into my GAP skinnies which I carefully packed away about four months ago.

Determined NOT to live in sweat pants or dreadful leggins, I paid a visit to a scrummy mummy store in Sloan Square and tried on a pair of mummy-to-be skinnies. Not maternity jeans – that is just too drab, but instead mummy-to-be-skinnies.

And what a fantastique investment. They will last for now & probably for a good three or four months after the new addition of the Smith household arrives. When two become three, as I put it.

Thank you to the team at 9London who do their own brand of jeans both skinny and straight leg in blue & black, as well as a range of stunning day & evening wear, and chic go-anywhere clothing to be looking your very best. They also do the most lovely range of sleepwear.

Now I am ready for my friend’s hen weekend with skinnies, hair accessories, buffed skin, & let’s go for Chanel heels.


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