House Boating

We’ve walked five miles along the Thames between Battersea and Wandsworth.  Mr Smith  isn’t one to enjoy walking  and is convinced that that the signs lied. What was essentially a one and three quarter mile walk, was definitely more like three or four miles. Personally I loved it, and often walk for miles without a second thought.

On this particular hot day I took photos of beautiful house boats and started thinking about a life of living on the Thames. What are their overheads, what is their lifestyle like? How does the postman find them?  Truly fascinated by this because I have a love-hate relationship with water.

House boat living - chic or the pits?

I love to swim, was brought up by the ocean and look for a pool wherever possible, but I don’t travel by water. I can’t possibly think of travelling by water – my stomach is doing somersaults as I type. So you would never believe that I sailed across the English Channel to Cherbourg – yes, sailed. It was horrendous, but for this little Aussie traveller, of course I’m going to try everything. By the time we reached Jersey, I was ready to fly home on my own, but couldn’t afford the airfare.

You will also be surprised to learn that I hate travelling by water so much that I reluctantly agreed to travel home from Santander in Spain to Plymouth England via the Bay of Biscay, one of the roughest stretches of water surrounding England. I was so sick, so desperately sick…that screaming ‘fuck off’ to my husband when he ran into the cabin to tell me he was watching hump-back whales, was more than appropriate.

So living on a house boat where you don’t have to sail anywhere on the water, can paint it any cute colour you like, live like an uber-cool, Trudi Styler-like gypsy, with window boxes brimming with a variety of colour co-ordinated geraniums, various herbs, and stylish outdoor all-weather furniture. Oh, and a bottle of chilled LP Rose to hand. I’m probably glamorising this lifestyle somewhat – okay, a lot.

It's all very well in the Summer

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