The pregnancy mine-field

Where do we start?

Okay, well I suppose with a pregnancy test, followed by several GP appointments, midwives, specialists, consultants, hospitals, parents, parents-in-law, baby shops, baby boutiques, health, wealth and well-being…..aaaaaagggghhhhh

Getting caught up in the ‘new baby moment’ means having drafted up a list of essentials cleverly mixed up with baby Gucci, and other designer new-born devices and clothing that may or MAY NOT get used.

The trend words of the moment are hypno-birthing, baby-lates (pregnancy Pilates), aqua-yoga, biological nuturing, and my favourite…doula. Pronounced doo-la, who will offer very bespoke care during and after pregnacy. I’ve even been introduced to ‘The Baby Calmer’

Birth Doula – Support before, during and after childbirth. A Doulan believes in ‘Mothering the Mother’, enabling a Mother to have the most satisfying, empowering time during pregnancy, birth, and early days of motherhood.

I did a Pilates class this morning where mums or dads could also join in and bring their baby. How was this going to work? Well, it did this morning, and that was probably because the three babies that came along were all perfectly well-behaved. One was seven weeks old and just slept all the way through the class leaving mum to get on with her Pilates work out.

‘Perfect.’ I thought to myself.

‘This is exactly how my life will be – sleeping baby when I want to work out.’

Let’s revisit this blog post in a few months time and see if this perfect world of mine in my head worked out.

I didn’t really start showing until six and a half months and even then I was still very small. Now nearly eight months, I am definitely pregnant but most people including my Yoga teacher thinks I am about four months. Because I’ve suddenly developed a small, but noticeable bump, I keep knocking it, and thinking I can still manoeuvre between small spaces.

Having wisely invested in my mummy-to-be-skinnies, a size or two up in tops, different bras, and now even a much smaller and light-weight notepad (laptop), I think I am ready.

Okay, I hear you scoff at my naivety, but hey, while I can immerse myself in this false sense of bliss, I feel sane enough to make some strong decisions about what I will buy, what I do need, and who I need to seek the right advice from. However all suggestions welcome!


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