My dream garage

Like most couples, Mr Smith and I will talk about what we would do if we won the lottery. It’s our usual motor-way game as we drive between Bristol and London or even further – it’s amazing what you spot out and about.

Our version of this dream-filled game is to plan what we would have in our garage. The list can become pretty extensive, so we narrow it down to three cars each. Every time it’s a blend of classics with a modern, maybe even a super car thrown in for kudos. 

Mr Smith is a complete modern and classic car anorak, so when I tell him my list I make sure it’s got street cred.

So, here’s my list:
In my Grace Kelly To Catch A Thief mood, Mercedes 250 SL in sky blue (I’m sure there’s an official colour, but I’ll be a typical girl
Mazda MX5 (with the classic square head-lights) – I sometimes want white, sometimes British Racing Green
Ford Racing Puma (have already owned one of these, but loved it so much that I’ll have another)
I’m liking the new-style Porsche Cayenne – black

I’m keeping this blog post pretty light-hearted and won’t weigh you down with statistics, theories, manufacturing specs, or even reviews from car journalists. However do keep checking back on this post for my updates and thoughts on my dream garage. One day you may even get an invite to my garage for a tour.


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