Remember those flying wall ducks?

My parent’s home is an eclectic mix of chintz, kitsch, old-world glam, and the odd antique or three. We grew up surrounded by cabinets full of gorgeous tea sets, tea pots, silverware – all which were used regularly. My mother’s philosophy was that everything is meant to be used.

Imagine being six years old, having a birthday tea with a select group of school friends using china tea cups, matching saucers, cake plates, and tiny silver cake forks (which I know are about a hundred years old).

While it was quite lovely being surrounded by these gorgeous things and learning from quite young that cakes went on a cake stand, it did at times become suffocating. Tripping over a 4ft Satchmo-style statue in the lounge. I know, I know…

Three things I did, and still do adore are my mother’s iconic ceramic wall ducks. Fans of Coronation Street will recall their presence on Hilda’s wall.

I didn’t really think about them until I stumbled upon Crumpetty Tree. This illustration and design company is the creation of Charlotte Strawbridge and Jim Tomson; a small Cornish based illustration company making arty things you can use, wear or just look at and enjoy.

Inspired by Edward Lear’s amazing poem ‘the Quangle Wangle’s hat’, Crumpetty Tree’s designs are often inspired by childhood memories and bed time stories. Everything is hand drawn.

My other favourite illustration from this talented duo is their Owl and The Pussycat prints. They are available unframed so that you can add your own personal touch to it. All these products are perfectly suited to decorating a nursery or children’s bedroom, a children’s party theme, or just for us adults who want to reminisce.


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