Streaming – the new not going out, but being there

With my discovery of live streaming via YouTube, I feel like I’ve been at New York’s Fashion Week every step of the way. Even setting my iPhone alarm for the start of different catwalk shows, and arranging my diary to catch the latest from the designers that I really want to see. I actually feel like I’m there without all the running around between auditoriums and venues, and swapping flats for chic heels.

Obviously I knew this technology was available – I’ve tuned into Triple J in Australia on the odd occasion, and 6 Music while on a train between London and Bristol – but didn’t really feel compelled to see the point of it.

I know freelancers who tune into live streams constantly throughout the day on their iPhone if they don’t have digital radio or their iPod handy. One friend listened to streams so much that their mobile provider sent them an email saying they were using an ‘unreasonable’ amount of data. I thought that it was free and included in your package?

My friend likens over-usage of streaming time to being in an all you can eat buffet all day, and taking a doggy bag home as well.

The Tweets and blogging is coming in just as quickly as the catwalk models are strutting down the runway. Compared with last year the presence of iPhones, iPad, Tweetdeck, HootSuite, Blackberry, Instagram and more has tripled.

Sshhhh shhhhhh… we are just about to start. Back soon.

Well, I’m back. That was another goodie – this time from Derek Lam live from New York, and I didn’t leave the comfort of my Sunday afternoon boudoir (bedroom with a scented candle and plumped cushions). So this is the new not going out, but being there without all the fuss.The above images are taken from the 2012 Mercedes-Benze New York Fashion Week Derek Lam catwalk show

This is amazing technology allowing fashion and lifestyle bloggers and journalists like me to see live catwalk shows, but there still isn’t anything really like being there in the flesh to hear the banter, the gossip, the up close and personal connections that you can make with real people.

However this technology is allowing us to participate at so many different levels and from different time zones releasing information as we see it to our dedicated followers. Like anything in this virtual world – keep it real. Your audience will know if you are falsely telling them you are somewhere when you are in bed with your iPhone in one hand and your new netbook in the other snacking on dried fruit and nuts.

Time now for DKNY… Floppy hats, bold designs and prints…and an urban entrance complete with an iconic NY yellow cab.

Start your diary planning for London’s Fashion  Week (spring/summer 2012)


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