Preview of Junior Style Sale

Welcome to the Junior Style Sale

I met a children’s clothing buyer at the Junior Style Sale press launch last night who told me just how brand conscious parents and their children are. According to her, parents will ‘only buy and dress’ their sons and daughters in designer clothing.

Interesting…imagine a brand conscious toddler on your hands? This is the opinion of just one person.

The parent-baby industry across the Western world is worth millions, maybe billions. It’s an emotive-driven industry used to sell cars, homes, food and lifestyle.

The reason for my outing last night was to explore designer clothing labels for babies and children at the Junior Style Sale (JSS) press launch.

JSS is a London based company which is successfully creating an affordable way for parents and parents to be to have access to the world of fashion for their little ones without the massive price tag. Let’s face it no baby is going to wear one item of Gucci clothing long term.

Romaine and Mariella (I love that name) have joined forces in expanding their business to include baby, toddler and children’s designer and boutique clothing ranges.

The brands that they stock  are from across the globe all under the one roof. You can browse through their endless collection both in store and online. Their website is an easy to access catalogue.

Both Romaine and Mariella come from an extensive retail and buyer background.

Bebe brand lambs wool cape, which I now own.
Mini M wears Bebe cape. Thank you JJS

It was Mariella’s international experience that allowed the business to branch out into the overseas sales market. Their clientele has now successfully moved outside of London, and they are regularly posting goods off to France, Sweden, Germany and Italy.

Brands such as Bebe, Ugg, Sophie & Bonne, Kenzo, Hucklebones,
Little Duckling, French Connection, Diesel, Noa Noa, Miss Sixty, to name but a few.

Designer boys for all seasons.
Gorgeous tule tutu skirt with satin ribbon for every little ballerina princess.

JSS brings all these brands together and hosts weekly in store and online FLASH sales. Once you sign up to receive your exclusive invitation, you can indulge for up to 48 hours worth of heavily discounted shopping. Clothing and shoe brands are sold at up to 75% off what you would expect to pay in the main shops and other online retailers.

Famous brand Ugg. Range of styles for little ones.

The stock is in perfect order, in season and on-trend.

In some cases the manufacturers send JSS the clothes that have been returned by  customers because they aren’t wanted, or the clothes weren’t big sellers at the time, or they are end of a line. Either way, the clothes are absolutely gorgeous and presented in age ranges, boys versus girls, and seasonal. When you purchase in store, everything is placed in a branded, cloth bag – easy to carry too.

JSS PR girl Malaika is responsible for all the hype leading up to the flash sales and events. Cleverly using the power of Facebook, Twitter, their own blog and website. They also work with a group of external bloggers willing to write about their sales and brands in order to get the word out even further. I am one of those very happy bloggers.

You can easily find out a lot more about their sales by registering with them, and joining them on Twitter. And it’s exciting!

I was touching and feeling everything, then suddenly my attention was drawn to test driving one of their labels they are currently carrying. Australian – New Zealand label Sooki.

You can feel the quality in the garment stitching. Sooki have produced a range of gorgeous baby girl clothing featuring pink and apple green Babushka doll prints. This is just one of their ranges. They don’t seem to just do simple pink and blue, but instead opt to team these colours with their opposite. The result is visually stunning, and really really cute.

The SookiBaby range currently at JSS

Each item, be it a dress, or playsuit, is different in design, almost a little Swedish in look. Clever layering to hide a nappy and pants, yet easily accessible for changing. Fun playsuit designs finished with easy to access pop buttons.

Under the same umbrella brand, you will find Sookibaby and SoSooki and their range focuses on girls and boys clothing and accessories from newborn through to 7 years old.

Earlier today I posted a photo to my personal Facebook of the Sooki range I am test-driving. Within minutes my friend messaged me to say that her sister who lives in Australia had sent her Sooki clothing for her little one and they both absolutely love it.

I adore this brand of clothing, and will be buying more. Watch this space for a JSS Sooki flash sale soon. Hint, hint JSS ladies…

*Thank you to my perfect hosts Romaine, Mariella, and Malaika.


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