The long & the short of it…a little hair story

I decided many years ago that I was going to grow my hair long. And long it is. Sometimes my mother thinks I’m a little too old for it (early thirties…please). My husband loves my long hair, but says that when it gets to a certain length, then that’s just ‘weird’.

Being petite, I finally know what works well on me, and what are huge no, no’s. We’ve all been there girls, and after a recent high-school reunion there is definitely photographic evidence that lives on to prove that carrying a little extra weight at 16, while dressing in stone washed denim and silk paisley button shirts was just not cool.

Doing the body-wave

One thing that I always did well was my hair. Tiffany Perm, Sam Fox teased, Bananarama cropped short – I had them all, and I loved every photographic moment.

These days it is thick and long, with just the right wave – it can be straight or curled easily, whatever the season, whatever the trend, my hair will go with the flow. I do feel it’s important to have the hair on your head in optimal condition.

I love when my hair shines, has a great colour through it, and is styled to match what I’m wearing. The now-products are Moroccan or Argan Oil which is a leave-in treatment, Kérastase shampoo and conditioner when flush – Aussie most of the time; And I adore scrunching through a shine or de-fizzing serum such as Charles Worthington.

A great comb is also essential for me too. I love the eco-friendly detangling comb from the Body Shop of which I own two. Finally, whatever the hair style – long or short, please accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.

Accessorise your hair - just a selection of my collection...eeek

Accessorise your hair with gorgeous vintage inspired clips with beads or a glamorous head band with lovely feathers sat beautifully on the side of your head and finished with faux jewells. I’m fussy about head bands…if it starts to hurt behind my ears, then it’s no good.

I really like a stretch head band. There are some fabulous ones at the moment, and I’ve even started sneaking into Primark undercover to purchase one of theirs. Primark and Accessorize have fabulous hair accessories. At the moment I am hooked on feathers and sequins. Very 1940’s.

At this year’s LFW I did discover the very talented head-art by J Smith Esquire. Beautifully molded leather head bands finished in a high-gloss paint. I just want one, and they are very comfortable to wear.

I want one of these

A great hat is also a fabulous addition to any head, and hides a multitude of sins if you are dashing to the shops – but remember that if you are going to a function, the hair under the hat is just as important. This season I’m paying attention to the purchase of a felt floppy hat – very 70s, in tan or brown.

I'm not only going for the floppy hat, but the entire look for Autumn 2011

Ideally I would love to parade around in an exclusive design by another LFW find Noel Stewart.

Wonderful head couture from Noel Stewart
She wears it well

The other trick with hair is to play around with it. Side braid, a crazy up-do, a neat ballet bun, with a side or middle parting. I take inspiration from the catwalk, and I am never afraid to ask my hair dresser how to do something. For example my hairdresser finally showed me how to curl my locks using my hair straighteners…simple, I know, but until you ask, you just don’t know how to do it.

Wedding hair care of GHD straightners - what next?
Braids, buns, pony tails - this is serious business

I have on many occasions crimped sections of my hair – yes, even at this age. I also love hair braids – from a braided Sienna Miller style up-do, to a French braid, even Greek goddess braid. Some I can do myself, other’s I need a girly friend. Or here’s an idea – shares in my own hair salon that I can visit daily to look as gorgeous as possible. Not going to happen.

Braids are great if I haven’t had time to wash my hair. So next time you see me with a braid you’ll know I need to wash my hair. I particularly adore the Fishtail braid, but I just cannot for the life of me work out how this is done, let alone attempt it myself. This is where a handy tutorial video from YouTube comes in handy. Love it!

Finally, I cannot tolerate rubbish hair ties. It’s all very well finding a pack of 20 for a pound, but they don’t last. They either don’t fit around my fingers, or slide out, or snap. It’s worth investing just a little more money in good, strong hair ties that grip and don’t have the metal bit.

Note to self, please make sure that when I’m looking rather glam – hair done, make up done, great outfit…please make sure I remove hair tie from around my wrist.


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