An afternoon in pictures

Like a bridge over troubled waters. The London Thames isn't beautiful, but it's intriguing and full of life on the surface.

We walked from Parsons Green to Wandsworth in London and captured beautiful moments in photographs.

Autumn colours, crisp leaves, nooks and crannies that you only ever find on foot. We had a lot of fun, said ‘hello’ to fellow walkers, and breathed in fresh air. Always look up in case you miss something.

Enjoy an afternoon in pictures.

Marilyn adorns this lighting shop in Kings Road. Why not!
The Object of My Affection. A where's Wally moment captured in the mirror of this shop window display in King Road.

The object of my affection is the shop window: an opening to the shopper’s heart. A little obsessed with taking photos of shop windows has me constantly on the look out for the good and the bad.

Bold colour for a show stopper, or foot traffic stopper.
Secret gardens. We peeked over a little fence on the Thames Path. Riverside living is the life.

Peace and tranquility aren’t words that you would associate with one of the world’s biggest cities, yet we always find our walks relaxing. Our photos look relaxing.

River life in London - finding peace in one of the world's biggest cities.

A big, imposing tree has us mesmerised.

Under the weeping willow.

The Thames Path provides its very own museum of stone sculpture – representations of ET and other alien friends.

Sculpture aligns the Thames Path leading to Wandsworth.
Gorgeous houses behind hedges.
Fallen agels.
The archway to park life.
Bursts of colour - inspirational.
A chocolate box of Autumn colour. The fashion catwalks are alive with these colours each A/W season.
This pub has a surprisingly large garden behind hidden walls. Hidden gems.

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