October finds…

Each month ChicFantastique will bring together the best of the best fashion and lifestyle finds in a ‘quick pick’ monthly special dedicated to the immense talent being showcased on Twitter and other blogs. It’s a chic and funny world of unique finds.

Arthur & Betty are the design duo who launched their first collection at Essex Fashion Week. In the same week their website went live allowing fans to purchase from the A&B collection. My personal favourite is their button through classically tailored dress finished with their signature fuchsia satin lining. Their designs are fashionable workwear that transforms easily into an evening out where you just can’t help being seen!Mia Jafari’s bold fusion of colour, artwork and clothing design collide in her fantasy world. These pieces are short, but we are daring if you are. Mia’s scarf-life designs are beautiful and easy to wear. We are meeting the divine Ms J over coffee for a chat about her ready-to-wear 2012 collection, so watch this space for more on this bright, young lady.Throw your passport, digi camera, phone and travel tickets into this gorgeous bag and head somewhere cool and chic pre-Christmas. I borrowed my friend’s Zatchel for my trip to the South of France – and now I want one. handmade in England with high quality stitching, finest quality leather and craftsmanship – the Zatchel has it all. Classic colours through to funky details such as polka dots or their Union Jack range – there is something for everyone’s personality and taste. Sarah Brook-Hayes is the talent behind Oberon Jewellery. A jewellery designer herself, her creations are unique – from chic lariats long enough to wind around twice and wear as a chunky short piece or let them gently hang long down the back of backless dress. Sarah works with silver clay which is a mix of pure recycled silver and resin. Sarah takes commissions, and is on our Christmas list too!Patchwork chairs by Kelly Swallow are individually sourced vintage collectables which will look great in any home – function and artwork. We love it. Using traditional patchwork craft, her chairs and footstools are stunning, and you will love the fabrics. The problem is which one to choose. Kelly will also take commissions.

Knitting – hot or what? Definitely the hot hobby to take up at the moment. Gorgeous fashion knits this A/W season, both chunky and chic. Join a knitting group, start selling your designs, or if you are like me – afraid that if you knit something there will be one arm longer than the other as the end result, then buy from one of the many fantastically talented knitwear designers such as Scarecrow Boutique whose designs have been purchased by celebs such as David Bowie, Noel Gallagher, and Steve Tyler (just to name-drop a few), Peggy Collection or Stitch In The City.If anyone knits these shoes, do let me know. It’s been a fabulous time in October following London, Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Weeks. More and more great talent is being discovered daily. We are excited about November.

If you would like us to feature you, find us on Twitter @chicfantastique and follow and let us know what makes you unique.


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