Christmas at Harrods

December is a gorgeous time of year here in the UK, especially in the capital.

London city glistens with the most beautiful lights (LED, or energy saving of course), and the famous Harvey Nichols and Harrods stores are a must-see for tourists and those of us that live here.

Throughout the store I could hear the Aussie accent – all drawn to the store to purchase the iconic Harrods tote with the Scotty dog. The shop is bursting with all sorts of gift shop goodies these days including a range of Hello Kitty for Harrods. For those who follow my ChicFantastique blog, you will no doubt remember my penchant for the gift shop.

I took Mini M for her first ever visit to Knightsbridge the other evening. Being a Tuesday evening the store was so quiet and we were free to wander through floor by floor looking at sheets with a high thread count, oversized metal chess pieces, and the very gorgeous Christmas shop. Next week will be a different story with he last minute rush of shopping for gifts. As it was, I was intrigued to know what was in all the massive Harrods bags being hurriedly carried through the store by the neat apron-clad personal shoppers. It made my tiny little Harrods bag look only minutely important. Inside my bag however was a very important purchase – Mini M’s first ever pink Christmas bauble. Of course with the ever-famous and rather garish Harrods logo and a scary looking ginger bread man – however it was a necessary purchase.

En-route to the store, we stopped to take photos of the most stunning window displays which aligned the outside of Harrods. It’s a magical, fantastical Swarovoski inspired display. Gorgeous lights, scattered crystal gems, beautifully dressed mannequins in floor length swooping gowns and velvet tux jackets. It’s like a scene from Narnia.


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