Alaya Beauty Super Serum…and it works!

What I want from a beauty treatment and beauty product is relaxed and happy skin. Happy skin radiates and glows, and being a new mummy, wife, friend, and more fills my day. It’s easy to throw any time for me out the window – but sorry, if I look and feel good, my day works, baby is happy, home is happy.

For the past month I have been using an all-natural beauty serum called Advanced Radiance Super Boost serum by Alaya Beauty. The result? One happy hot looking mama!

This is the first product from Alaya Beauty, however look out for the new additions in 2012.

We all want to look and feel younger, less tired and stressed, and reduce fine lines around the eyes and mouth. What we put into our bodies and onto our skin is important so the idea of all natural ingredients being used in this 30ml bottle of luxury instantly appeals.

This is a skin serum and I am a huge fan of serums. Even more so after I sought pregnancy skin advice from my beauty hero Newby Hands from Harpers Bazaar who suggested serums as the way forward. Now that I am a mummy, I make sure I find time for a beauty routine which is a skin cleaner or polish, warm flannel, a mask every few days, and day/night serum.

But Alaya Beauty isn’t a touchy, feely beauty line – this is the first product in an exciting range which was developed through years of working with essential oils to help relieve the pain of hormonal imbalances and the ultimate effects this has on the skin.

The creator behind the serum is ex-pat Australian Sharon Murphy who after years of suffering, was forced to have a hysterectomy before the age of 40. This is very young to have a hysterectomy, however by no means uncommon.

So, what has this serum done for me?

Mini M came into the world 11 weeks ago. I’ve always had pretty good skin, but worried that with the hormones all over the place I may be prone to breaking out on my face and neck. The serum is easy to apply onto my damp, warm face and neck once a day. It smells absolutely amazing and soaks in so that I can apply my usual minimal make up, or if I apply before bed, there is no residue on my bed linen.

I have noticed that my cheeks feel plumped and glow, my chin and forehead are smooth and my neck very clean and clear. Also Mini M loves to nuzzle into my neck after I’ve applied the serum.

The serum uses blended oils which smell gorgeous and instantly soak in, yet the aroma lasts for ages after using. It’s empowering, relaxing and calming and I am sure Mini M benefits from the natural calming aroma. The ingredients are designed for mature or menopausal skin (yet I am in my early 30’s), but Sharon assures me that anyone can use this product because everyone’s skin needs to be treated with kindness.

According to the product information, this serum nurishes and regenerates with potent antioxidant-rich Trees of Life Complex of Wild Baobab, Moroccan Argan and Seabuckthorn Oils.

Lifts and firms with Flora Firm Complex, a synergy including Blue Lotus, African Para Cress flower known as Nature’s Botox and Helichrysum.

Brightens and revitalises with White Flower Complex. Pomegranate and meadowfoam to plump and smooth fine lines.

And I can definitely smell lavender, and yes it is Mont Blanc Lavender. So there is no scrimping on ingredients here. These are all gorgeous high end luxury essential oils showing how delicate and hand made this product is.

As we age, our skin and body change; our lives get busier, and we are prone to breaking down a little more than our younger self. We deserve a little luxury, and we deserve a product that has been thought about with great care.

This Advanced Radiance Super Boost Serum comes in a 30ml pump glass bottle and can be purchased direct from the Alaya Beauty web site for £45 which includes delivery costs in the UK. I feel another bottle will be needed for my mother! I’m all about spreading the love of a good product.


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