Inspired by the view


This is my very first post from my exceedingly clever iPhone. And I’m excited.

Struck by warmer weather than the UK at Christmas and the new year, left me even more determined to get all my planning focussed on a move to France permanently. Forget the retirement age. This will be a great family move at a young age.

Good for the soul, great for work, great for Mini. So many ‘greats’ it’s hard not to imagine my little baby soon turning into a French bebe.

From the mountain our views stretched to the hills above St Tropez. Crisp and clear mornings and stunning sunsets, and a sky filled with stars at night.

How will there be any regrets.

So my year will be filled with the challenge I’ve taken on as full time blogger, and party planner. It’s going to be a fun, hot summer.

Bikini body diet tomorrow. Just one more day of yoga followed by Nutella on gluten free toast. Why do the yoga? Well it’s an addiction, and after being pregnant for what seemed like a lifetime, the stretching is now my pleasure. Every morning Mini & I start our day with yoga and baby massage…it just seems to be our thing.

We now use olive oil for our massage time from our friends olive farm.

Why Nutella? It’s my guilty pleasure. I can eat a jar a week if left to my own devices, but I know Mr CF checks. I’m now planning to ration my Nutella consumption. It’s French, it’s delicious, and I’m sure I read it’s nutritious.

So as we return to reality, life seems blissful and peaceful as though all of a sudden I know what must be done.

Oooh la la.


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