UGG given the boot by French fashion

It’s the middle of winter, but I brave the chill and I’m dressing to impress Mr CF with surprise sexy lingerie… Not underwear! Lingerie.

Shall I complete the look of naughty temptation with warm, snug UGGS or knee high suede black boots with kitten heel? Do I go for lumberjack comfort or sexy goddess? Do I ask Mr CF and risk losing the moment with a menu of questions? I go for UGGS. If advertising for this once bogan product can make it sexy then so can I.

As a child everyone I knew had UGG slippers. A very shabby sheep skin slip-on that never ever seemed to properly fit our feet. Proper leather shoes in the day to keep our feet straight, then only to ruin all the hard work with these floppy kick-abouts so comfortable and warm.

Our UGGS become a distant memory only seen in childhood snaps. Then one day UGG re-appears as a trendy winter must have accessory worn with just about any outfit. Whole UGG stores open, they have displays in Harrods, and gone are the days of slap on furry slippers.

UGGS are made in various colours including pink; various styles, lengths (from mid calf to knee); for toddlers, children, women and men. No longer just a winter requirement, the UGG is now an all year round phenomenon with their range of flip flops and sandals to see you through the warmer months.

From a traditional sheep skin to a ‘cardigan’ and button style boot loved by Madonna. Sensibly warm, uber-stylish, I can be seen wearing them in Harrods without fear, and Mr CF calls me cute and possibly sexy in them.


So, across the water to France, and the French turn their nose and recoil in horror at the mere mention of the UGG being accepted as fashionable.

Each winter I persist in my UGG wearing along the Riviera, and the trend is just not catching on. The French boot style remains knee length, leather and exceptionally stylish. The colour? Varying shades of tan. And the designer? British favourite and arm warmer to Liz Hurley, Patrick Cox. Famous for his daring yet very wearable designs.


This trip proved no exception. The French woman remains immune to the fascination with UGG wearing. The stylish, yet conservative leather boot remains firm. This season the long boot look is making way for an ankle boot trend.

The most popular French winter look is a wedge ankle boot finished with faux fur trim. Other looks are a studded ankle boot with a heel, and a chunky sole ankle boot complete with faux fur and buckle. The last one looks more like a hiking boot, yet I can assure you those that are wearing this style aren’t hiking!


So I continue to wear my chocolate mid calf UGGS along the Riviera, knowing that these are clearly only worn by tourists. But I fall in love with the style of boots I see worn by the French women. They just look so effortlessly lovely. So it's noted… Must pack and wear my gorgeous calf hugging soft leather boots by Tod's.

UGG has come a long way since 1980, now a global fashion must-have. But as much as UGG persist, they just aren't making a dent in the French Market. If you do live in France, I'm afraid you'll have to order your pair online, and keep them as cosy house-bound footwear.


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