Zoom, zoom, zoom – back to London

It’s hard to believe that only this morning we stood on the terracotta tiled terrace and looked out over the hills and mountains above Nice for the last time this holiday.

We made the most of our last full day basking in the warm sunshine before boarding our bumpy, orange flight back to London. And just like that, it’s all over.

Mini has returned bigger and fluent in French, I’m trimmer and still struggling with my French (mange tout), and Mr is up on Baltimore street talk care of back to back episodes of The Wire. Jokes aside, we’ve had plenty of fresh air, warm French sunshine and exercise to kick start a new year and get us through January in London.

So 2012 has got off to a busy start with dates already blocked out in my diary for meetings over coffee, deadlines for blog posts, and exciting news from my favourite designers and beauty products. All to be revealed in good time, my dears…and all definitely exciting.

Throughout January I’ll be introducing you to the concept of ‘dress to sweat’ and ditching the chocolate for nutritional grazing from a box. But cake is good, and we can’t forget about it completely, so I’m going to introduce you to my two favourite gluten free cake bakers in the WORLD!

Lots of exciting news from the fashion world… Whispers of collaborations, ones to watch, and indulging in luxury vintage. I’m so over the shabby chic ‘dah-ling’. I’m talking authentic Chanel, Louis Vuitton, first edition hard covers, and the cars – oh the cars.

With only six weeks until London Fashion Week, I’ll be looking once again at ethical fashion, uncovering new talent and looking at the impact blogging and live streaming is having on the access of information once kept exclusively for those lucky enough to be front row at the catwalk shows.

For the first time I’ll be following the Masato design team outside of London when they head north for Manchester Fashion Week.

Summer will be busy as I look at the hottest party spots and events in the South of France. I return to my roots as a party designer in some fabulous venues and villas and share the trials and tribulations of this stunning location.

I’m inspired by so many people who I’ve met through Twitter and blogging, and without you my chic and funny world would only be read by my mum – hopefully my husband too.

Here’s to a wonderful 2012.
À votre santè.


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