Saved by the Graze Box

Adorning the desks, draws and handbags of the nation is the Graze Box.

January sees us back in the gym, cutting out, adding in, and detoxing. We are a nation of grazers, and there’s nothing wrong with that unless you’re making a daily trip to the chocolate machine. The Graze Box will be a healthy substitute.

Easy to order online, full of delicious, seasonal snacking treats, and fitting perfectly through the letter box every week like clockwork!

I’m now in my third year of being a Graze Box follower. It was a birthday gift from Mr CF with online instructions for me to scroll through the snack menu and choose what I’d like. I visit the website every month to add or delete snacks.

There are four individual punnets neatly packed in a recycled cardboard pack. Then they tuck neatly into my handbag and mummy bag so that I’m never caught without something to nibble on when there’s nothing gluten free for me. And it’s healthier than a biscuit.

Each time the box arrives there is a little product teaser inside letting me know what’s new along with a nutritional guide.

The team behind Graze are passionate foodies who’ve grown a successful business out of healthy snacking during a busy day. You choose your snacking favourites, the day of delivery each week, where you want it delivered and what your tastes are. Choose from breads, dips, flapjack, nuts, seeds, olives, dried fruit, and even chocolate (the dark pure stuff is good for you, I promise!).

The product is that darn good that the team encourage you to spread the love by sending ‘free’ trial codes for you to give to your friends.

What’s in my Graze Box?
Lemon infused pitted green olives complete with convenient olive stick. Eldorado with cranberries, hazelnuts and the darkest chocolate buttons in the world. Pistachios in their shells, and
keen bean – red skin peanuts, black beans, edamame beans and chilli broad beans.

I spread the Graze love to my mummy friends – easy to eat while feeding or on the go, go, go with little one. It’s easy to forget to look after yourself, but I’m saved by my Graze Box again.


2 thoughts on “Saved by the Graze Box

  1. I have done it. My delivery arrived on Tuesday. It is a great idea. A great snack to any handbag. Although I made the wrong order. The snacks were too sugarry for my liking. But a great way how to keep healthy lifestyle in this busy society. I can fully recommended to anyone who wants to have their snacks to be delivered to the office or anywhere. Just trying to order it for my friend.

  2. I have been thinking of trying Graze boxes – although a colleague of mine said she tended to forget she had them and then end up eating three boxes at once!

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