Snow, scarves, and fashion – an update from Peggy’s Collection

After bitterly cold days and nights, the snow finally fell from the sky. The first fluffy flakes hit my nose and before I knew it, a steady stream fell continuously throughout the night (great squeels of excitement). By morning, the blanket of white covered everything in sight.

I’m certainly not staying inside, especialy when this will be the first time Mini sees snow, and my mum is over from Australia. Rugging up warm is easy, especially since the arrival of my, well, our chunky knit scarf designed by Diana Clarke of Peggy’s Collection.

The scarf was a gift for Mr CF for Christmas and I adore it so much, that I do pinch it on the days ending in ‘y’. At first I didn’t think he noticed, then recently he said, ‘where is my amazingly long scarf?’.

The chunky knit scarf is one of the best selling items at the moment and it can be made in any colour making it a true bespoke gift.

We have featured Peggy’s Collection on the ChicFantastique blog before in my article titled ‘Chic Knits – A Fashion Revival, And It’s Hot’. At London Fashion Week (September 2011) there was a lot of knitwear showcased in the Ethical Fashion exhibition, and there is a lot more knitwear fashion to come.

It’s been an exciting year for Di of Peggy’s Collection as she has been knitting her little socks and slippers off preparing for this year’s spring/summer collection. You can expect to see light cotton knits mixed with some classic design with a 1950s twist. Think costumes from ‘My Week with Marilyn’. Cute nipped in-to-the waist fitted vest tops, cable and rib knits, and light-knit shawls beautifully draped over an evening dress and finished with a vintage brooch.

The photo below is taken from the Peggy Collection website.

Peggy’s Collection has been working with a yarn dying expert for some of the new collection. ‘I think it’s very important to use good quality yarn, and natural dyeing techniques are also important to me’.

With the likes of celebrity clients wearing her designs including Gok Wan, Amanda Holden, Lucy-Jo Hudson, to name a few, it’s no wonder that she has been asked to show at a selection of UK Fashion Weeks. Peggy’s Collection will be on the catwalk at Essex Fashion Week in April 2012, and Norwich Fashion Week in March. Busy, busy.

That’s not all, Peggy’s Collection will be collaborating with American jewellery designer Ron Ostlund. ‘His designs are remarkable and I am looking forward to working with him’. But what creations can we expect to see? This is still hush, hush, but we promise to give you a look here soon.

The photo shoot for the Peggy Collection Spring/Summer collection will take place at the end of March, and once again photographer David Taylor will be behind the lens. ChicFantastique hopes to feature these photos.

Until then, more snow is predicted, so wrap up warm and get yourself a piece of Peggy’s Collection.


One thought on “Snow, scarves, and fashion – an update from Peggy’s Collection

  1. Laughed when I saw your hat as I was wearing something very similar in the snow today. Same colour, same shape, a few sequins and a knitted rose on one side. IT’s last year’s Monsoon – and I borrowed it from my seven year old daughter – fitted a treat! xx

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