– A bag for all seasons

When I was at highschool, my parents had to buy the appropriate school bag with the school colours and crest. Everyone had the same distinguishable by a name tag. These days it’s not unusual to see a highschool girl carrying authentic Dior or Louis Vuitton.

From simply ‘yummy’ to ‘mummy’ to an almost five month old Mini, I love finding simple, easy solutions to looking fashionable, rested and organised. And a fabulous and luxury handbag and clutch allow for simple fashion choices.

Michael Kors block colour clutch.

Marc Jacobs leather.

I’ve always relied on a large bag to carry my laptop, diary, pens, make up, hairspray, perfume, book, phone, iPod, headphones… Hat, gloves, umbrella. Need I go on?

With the addition of Mini, if I wasn’t clever I could be looking like I was going on holiday everyday. After a little research and looking at what the celeb mummies were carrying, I invested in a Storksak. I’m a busy person and my bag has to reflect how organised and in control I am (even if I am paddling for dear life underneath the surface).

My Storksak, influenced by the gorgeous Angelina Jollie and mum to what seems like an endless number of children, is fantastique. I love this bag because it is indistinguishable from other large on-trend totes, but with necessary functional sections that make being out and about a pleasure. There’s even enough space to carry my Notebook and camera. Essentials for this journalist and writer.

But as Mini gets heavier by the day, and my Physio bill increases, the Storksak is best kept neatly strapped to the pram with my Mummy Clips.

So it’s time to invest in another bag. It has to be functional, ideally a satchel, and work effortlessly well with my entire wardrobe and still fit everything I need for me and Mini. I let my fingers do the walking and find myself lustfully trawling through the online site Bag Servant.

As the name suggests, Bag Servant ‘only do bags’. It’s an inspirational one-stop online store playing host to every fashionable high-street and designer handbag, clutch, purse, man-bag imaginable. It’s a personal shopping experience with drop down boxes to help define what you are looking for. The site is chocker yet what I chose took very little time. Click, click, click, and voila, my new bag, cleverly disguised as my new mummy bag is on it’s way.

See by Chloë Poya Satchel

The easy to use drop down menus ask what type of bag I want, then what style, choice of colour, a particular brand, even price range. A few clicks, and in no time at all I’m presented with a selection based on my answers. When I click on each bag, a full synopsis is given – a visual description, dimensions, straps, buckles, zips and pockets.

AND then… Wait for it! You can try on the bag in their online ‘change room’. Erm, yes. Clicking on the virtual change room will take you to a pop up section that shows a generic female well dressed with the bag I’ve chosen and a selection of colour swatches. Click on each colour swatch and instantly the clothing changes colour so that I see how to wear my new bag.

Just when I thought I may need to update my wardrobe. Absolutely not! The change room has shown me what colours work well with my new satchel. Mr CF is jumping for joy at the prospect of not having to buy new clothes, quickly followed by tears over how much I’ve just spent on my new designer bag.

Bag Servant also feature a regular inspiring and informative blog about what bags the celebs are being spotted with, how to wear a bag trend, colour ideas, and designer spotlights. The site also features a personal shopper experience especially useful for styling tips, or if a bag is perhaps out of stock.

I’m going to try out the personal shopper and email some questions through as there’s no harm getting style advice to keep on top of trends. I always struggle with how to wear something. I like to know, but usually keep things simple and classic.

Launching soon is their VIP club, allowing customers and visitors once registered, to receive email updates on products, ‘secret sales’, and exclusive partner offers. My only additional suggestion for the Bag Servant would make available a smartphone friendly site, or an App.

A good handbag is an investment, it makes you feel good, especially if you’ve earned the money to pay for it – for some women it’s a measure of their success.

For the Bag Servant it’s about choice and convenience, being the first point for style and trend advice, and introducing you to your new best friend.


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