Richard Nicoll – every woman’s new best friend



Creativity and technology has collided with the launch of the luxuriously chic bag with built-in mobile phone charger.

The British fashion designer Richard Nicoll collaborated with Vodafone to create this exceptionally useful handbag which was launched under a veil of excitement at London Fashion Week.

The white leather tote gives you the ability to power up Blackberries, iPhones and androids on the go.

We all suffer with ‘nomophobia’ – the deep fear of being caught without a mobile phone charger and a dead battery. Clearly a fear created in these modern times. If you’re like me, I don’t even know my husband’s mobile number without looking at the contacts list on my iPhone.

So how does it work? The bag must be initially charged from the mains power via induction charging, using a cable that magnetically attaches to the outside of the bag.

Once the bag battery is full, it will charge handsets and mobile tablets for at least two days while on the run.

Voila! An oh-so-clever idea. A stylish, lifesaving accessory that looks divine and has a very useful purpose.

And Vodafone are hot on cue with their branding this year by cleverly installing chargers on the front row of every London Fashion Week venue. Every socket includes a Vodafone logo.

Never again should you run out of battery running between catwalk shows, meetings and family commitments.

Tweeting, blogging, texting, instagram(ing), emailing, Facebooking, Foursquare(ing)…we are easily seduced into getting our messages out in an instant, and such a fusion of technology and fashion will always keep us well ahead.

Richard Nicoll, you are our new best friend.

#LFW #RichardNicolllifesaver


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