Five Minutes with Fashion Designer Mia Jafari

It is always an inspirational delight to spend time with one of my favourite clothing and fabric designers, Mia Jafari. After a recent creative trip to Florence and Iran, I was keen to hear what we can expect to see from Mia’s forthcoming collection.

Mia’s scarfs are packed in a sumptuous fuchsia pink and black box with my logo hand stamped on the front.

Image above taken with permission from Mia Jafari collection, 2011

Your brand is luxurious and indulgent in look and feel. What are your personal must haves and what is your style like?

I am a huge lover of colour but as I am getting older I am learning to mix bold colours with plenty of neutral colours to keep things more elegant. For example wearing a fushia bag with a black dress or neon jumper with black leggings. Right now my diamond studded mui mui black leather shoes are a must wear. I try to accessorize with simple vintage jewellery and Chanel lipstick.

You’ve recently celebrated a milestone birthday. Have you made a list of things you would like to achieve in 2012?

I’ve just finished the lookbook for my A\W 12 line. In the pipe line for spring is a collection of knitwear and a new super slick online shop where all my products can be purchased in all major currencies. After this I am working with a young women’s charity in Iran to train them in the art of embroidery and sewing with the aim that they produce my garment designs. So lots to do this year!

A huge part of the label’s philosophy is your commitment to fine detail and hand painted designs for bespoke fabric. How easy or hard is it finding the right materials and manufacturers?

As with all new designers the biggest struggle I face is getting the quality and workmanship I desire at affordable prices so customers can afford to buy them! It is a battle but I think using the highest quality fabrics and producing all my pieces ethically in Iran is the way forward.

You’ve just spent time in Florence and your native Iran. What inspirations have you brought back with you?

In Florence I researched luxury yarns and in Iran manufacturing capabilities in knitwear. For me, it’s about putting the two together to create uber-cute and luxurious knitwear at affordable prices.

What will we see for your next collection?

Lots of bold digital print, leather and digital sequins inspired by vintage Cartier jewellery on dresses, blouses, skirts and knitwear.

Coming up: Fashion opinion. Does what Dame Vivienne Westwood say about British fashion sense and style ring true? Comment and opinion.


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