The happy and fun world of Latte Mama

Today the hostess of our swish afternoon tea, sing-song in English and Swedish, and catwalk finale starring the cutest kids, was the very lovely and bubbly mum of one, Irsa.

Isra is the online Swedish baby and children’s wear retailer Latte Mama. Clicking through the virtual clothing wardrobe of brand delights such as Bonny Baby, Lipfish, No Added Sugar and more, including an organic range, you will see unique and individual style being showcased. None of this fast fashion from high street Primark or Next here, this is comfortable and fashionable clothing for happy, active kids.

Okay, so I’m going to focus on the woman – Isra, and her business – Latte Mama. At just 22 years old, mum of one, Isra focussed on a business that she could manage and develop as a single mother. She had the courage to speak direct to the brand houses themselves, and before she knew it she had a stock of reputable clothing at her fingertips and an online store with customers all over the world.

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. The statistics are problematic as state statistical research organisations tend to underestimate the size of the sector. Based on CRR research commissioned by Kelkoo, 2011 online sales in the UK were £50.34 billion (€59.4 billion) or 12.0% of UK retail trade. In 2008, online was equivalent to only 8.6% of retail sales. (Figures taken from the Centre for Online Research 2011).

The figures speak for themselves, but the drive behind the success of Latte Mama is Isra’s determination to always focus on the positive, because let’s face it, life throws us all some pretty big bricks blocking us whichever way we turn.

And this is why Latte Mama is so much more than an online store, it paints a lifestyle of how having children in your life can be fun – yes, let’s for once just focus on the fun. Running around after a little one, wiping their hands, watching them draw, eating something new for the first time, yelling, screaming, laughing and splashing in the bath. And all the time we as parents are thinking – look at the state of their clothes. Clothing needs to be practical, easy to put on and just as quickly take off, but we want our little prince and princess to look stylish and unique.

Isra has given us this with her carefully chosen range of clothing. I don’t think it will stop with Latte Mama either, as I am getting the impression that there is more to come from Isra’s visionary business mind, always mulling over ideas while sipping a latte and people watching.

So today’s event was a showcase of not only the brands you will find at Latte Mama, but also to see the woman behind it all, who quite frankly I’m in awe. My new inspiration  – gush, gush, I know. But when you find someone business savvy, smart, with a roaring sense of humour and pride in her achievements and forever smiling, you want to say out loud ‘I am woman, hear me roar’. Okay, I say it quietly while rocking my Mini to sleep.

Here’s to a fabulous hostess with the mostess, and we shall partake in Fika very soon.
Oh, Fika? That’s Swedish for ‘let’s meet over coffee’.

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2 thoughts on “The happy and fun world of Latte Mama

  1. Hey Mrs Chic! Thank you so much for coming yesterday, and for featuring LatteMama on your blog. We’re delighted that you had such a great time! You’ve really spotted what LatteMama is about – more get down on your knees and play with our LatteBabies fun! This is getting printed and going on the wall! x

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