The coloured skinny – my new obession with Donna Ida

This week my fashion obsession is the coloured skinny jean. It’s my obsession, and my fashion dilemma. Cue, queen of the jean, Donna Ida. I discovered Donna through an interview published in the Bag Servant E-magazine earlier this month.

I think I spent half a day hunched over my laptop in the Denim Clinic looking at my shape and style and getting wardrobe inspiration on how to wear them and what to wear them with. I then set about creating my Pinterest mood board entirely dedicated to the coloured skinny. Click here to see my board.

Bag Servant Lenka has very kindly allowed me to re-post the interview article which I thought you would all enjoy.

Donna Ida Thronton opened her first denim-focused boutique seven years ago, with the aim of finding the perfect pair of jeans for every customer. Now her collections are splashed across the glossy pages of Company, Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia. What we want to know is, just what’s all the fuss about?

“I opened Donna Ida because I couldn’t find anywhere to buy jeans that I felt truly comfortable in. Department stores have a great selection but I couldn’t get the service I needed and I was paranoid I wouldn’t be able to get them up over my thighs.”

To combat this common problem (come on, admit it, it’s happened to every single one of us) Donna started a Denim Clinic, available both online and at every one of her four boutiques. The clinic helps to identify body shapes and different jean cuts, making it easier to find the style the suits us best.

So, who does Donna equip with perfect jeans? “There are so many different customers – the fashionistas who know exactly what they want and are in and out in two minutes, the lady who hasn’t worn jeans in 10 years and is nervous about her re-entry into the denim world, the yummy mummy who’s just been told exactly what to buy by her friend at the school gate. It’s the loyal customers that have built my business, in fact I was even mentioned in one mother of the bride’s wedding speech!”

We’re pleased (albeit a little terrified) to hear she predicts that colour and prints will be big this summer. “It’s exactly what we needed. Everyone’s so excited about it – the girls love having it in the boutiques and the customers light up when they see it. All you need is a simple white tee.”

Donna says her own style is: “Glamorous, chic and classic” and that we’re most likely to catch her in a pair of skinny jeans. “This summer I’m looking forward to getting back into my flares! I always team with a soft tee and a structured jacket or a blouse,”

She even shares our passion for handbags, amongst, err, other things. “I’m actually a bit of a secret geek. I love knitting, cross stitch, making things. My mother in law’s going to teach me to crochet this year. But here’s a handbag secret – although I love ALL accessories (they’re really the key to every outfit) I’m much more of a handbag girl than a shoe girl. I love both, but handbags we carry lovingly and shoes we stamp on and drag across all sorts of floors.”

See Donna’s most wanted fashion must-haves.


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