A fashionable Easter with Vivienne Westwood



Not being that fussed by chocolate, let alone the dreary thought of adding more calories into my body, I’ve told my loved ones simply not to bother.

However imagine being presented with the Tiffany’s of the chocolate world. Uber-cool, oh so chic – a designer egg by none other than the flaming red-hair of Brit fashion, Dame Vivienne Westwood.

This Easter, the Dame has collaborated with the classic British chocolatiers Fortnum and Mason to create an exclusive chocolate collection, available at Westwood stores.

These handcrafted Easter eggs are almost too good to eat, but that won’t stop us. The eggs open to reveal miniatures of gooey goodness, from rose and violet creams to Marc de Champagne truffle.

Presented in a quilted silk egg box, it doesn’t stop there…from the hand tied silk ribbon to the on-trend colours of the foils – everything is inspired from the catwalk.

Retailing at £38 each, they are a decadent delight to surprise your fashionista loved ones this Easter. If I receive one, I’m afraid I may just look at it for the next decade.


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