Vogue Festival 2012: In Conversation with Christopher Bailey

We are in one of the most economic upheavals we’ve known of our fashion times. And yet British brand Burberry continues to grow, expand its product range and reclaim it’s reputation as a luxury item.

This week we’ve seen another hearty British label suffer at the hands of financial losses – Aquascutum may just be saved, but not before falling into administration.

I’m here at the Vogue Festival representing Bag Servant, a British fashion start-up. Christopher Bailey is kick starting the day off in conversation with Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman.

So why is Burberry surviving and keeping strong in such uncertain times?

Burberry – design, innovation, communication, architecture, graphics, connections.

Burberry is Breathing life and personality into its brand, which is a very organic form of communication, sharing experiences, and loving the brand again.

Loving reminders of craftsmanship, re-building relationships with creatives, are some of the building blocks to Burberry getting stronger again as a brand.

Burberry is due to open its largest store to date in London’s Regent Street. Bailey talks through the store’s concept of welcoming people, and inspiring people. The brand openly embraces social media, and the overall shopper experiences.

Bailey’s philosophy is that a brand should inspire, and merge physical and digital media in order to grow and survive, yet keep at the forefront of their ethos that genuine arts and crafts is what Burberry was born out of.

On a personal note Bailey believes that no matter how big you get, how popular you are, he maintains a well-balanced home life keeping his good friends close. He has an incredible presence, and would be the best mate you’d meet at your local.

He is passionate about craftsmanship be it traditional, or developing new technologies such as fabric, glass, social media, music – Burberry has developed Burberry Acoustic a small arm of the brand that promotes music talent.

He is equally passionate about people working together – like glue. In order for something to work it needs people to connect with each other to spur enthusiasm and energy.


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