Caitlin from the Bowersnest Blog interviewed my brother Matt who has successfully mixed business with pleasure. Over the years, Matt has fused his love of art and the live music scene to produce some of the most coveted pieces of screenprinted artwork.
Matt is a professional screenprinter and one half of the husband-wife band Do The Robot. Matt is working with some of Australia’s most talented alternative bands designing their album covers, promotional posters and tee shirts.
Matt and his wife Sarah’s love of retro, genuine vintage and a necessity to collect just about anything beautiful makes them a couple of creative bowerbirds – and a hot couple to watch.

The Bowernest

Meet my friend Matt. He is a graphic artist who specialises in all things music related. His medium of choice is that of screen print.

(I met Matt half way through last year. Bobby was doing a gig in Brisbane and a friend hooked us up to stay with Matt and his wife Sarah in their most fantastic apartment. From the moment we entered their eclectic home full of records, knik knaks and authentic vintage furniture I knew we were all kindred spirits. They are the epitome of Bowerbird.)

I recently caught up with Matt to chat to him about his screen printing art practise:

1) How did you first get into screen printing and what is it that attracted/still attracts you to this particular practise?

I was exposed to screen printing from a fairly early age. My first printing experience was at the age of seven for a school art activity…

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