We love FINSK at POP

#POPthefashionstore opened its doors on Monday welcoming a throng of fashionistas keen to see what Princess of Social Media, and high fashion, Kaisa Larkas Mossop has created. I am delighted to see that POP will stock one of my shoe crush brands – FINSK.

POP will be doing monthly pop up events in store to keep it fresh and exciting – and that is how the name came about.

You will find a mix of cool and up and coming Scandinavian and British labels, such as R/H, Skin by FINSK, Moxham, Elkin and Minna as well as some more established brands, and a small range of vintage labels.

Kaisa says, “I think my store will appeal to women who keep up with trends and have their individual style. I see them being a bit like me in that they might like to mix high street items with some more stand out, unique pieces. For example, the Moxham brass and leather jewellery I am getting in will stand out so you might want to team up one of her necklaces with a simple T-shirt. Then again, the Minna Scottish lace tops and dresses will hopefully appeal to anyone from a teenager to a grandma! They are gorgeous, easy to wear and can be dressed up or down, depending what you match them with”.

Read my interview with Kaisa in full here…


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