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Spring came early so we hit the shops to fill our wardrobes with a rainbow of flowery and candy-hues. But did we stop to think about reading a how-to-guide on how to wear this season’s hottest trend, especially in the office?

The fear being head-to-toe pastel will leave you looking more cupcake, than boardroom perfectionist making quick-sharp decisions while balancing the books.

From NY to London, the pastel trend is being seen by day with gorgeous, floaty, Doris Day-style dresses, to the evening with Scarlett Johansson inspired make-up and nails. However I did fear the worst with flash-backs of Alexis Carrington-Colby powder blue power suits with razor-sharp pads or poufs of fabric at the shoulders.

However, I have been delightfully surprised with the styling for this season. The look is fresh, romantic, and soft, with girlie colours such as lemon sherbet, blueberry, mint choc-chip, tutti-fruity, mango sorbet, and strawberry shortcake…

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