Chic Products: Abahna UK is my new love

The gorgeous team at Abahna UK have been in touch to ask if I would like to write about their products – and of course they know that I only review things I like. You all know me – on my high-horse about the UK high streets, more power to independent businesses, home-grown, natural, interesting, and things that make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Until my samples arrive, I was so drawn in by their delicious website, and they really are such nice people, that I have just ordered this…

White Grapefruit and May Chang Scented candle for rejuvenation and energy in the home. I’ve ordered not one, but two of these. One for my home, and one for my handbag complete with a silver lid. Mr CF is taking me away and I am feeling the need to energise the hotel room. Too much information?

Until the 31st of May, lovely Abahna and the equally lovely BagServant are offering YOU a 20% on all purchases. Just click here to read more about Claire Croft, one half of the husband-wife team behind Abahna Bath Essentials.


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