Style In The City Event with the NHJ Styling Team

Tonight was the NHJ (Nicky Hambleton-Jones) Style In the City Event here in central London. It’s a difficult situation when faced with post pregnancy body, returning to work, or wowing friends and family at a special occasion. We all get to a certain defining fashion moment where we simply ‘don’t know what to wear’.

Do we invest in key pieces? Do we blend luxe labels with the high street? Do we wear head-to-toe trend, or just accessorise? Well, we actually should do a bit of everything – but most importantly dress for our shape and our age. Tonight’s event with the fun title of Style in the City, was headed by Isobel Kershaw and her team of four from the NHJ Style Academy. The team showcased a range of body shapes including the apple, pear, and new to the body shape fruit bowl – the rhubarb. The rhubarb is the new boy-shape, and I actually really like that title, and of course that is my shape with a little apple around the middle since having baby.

With a gorgeous and well-chosen selection of clothing examples from the high street including midi-jackets from H&M, lace, gold shimmer fabrics, skinny belts and print cotton trousers all from Zara, River Island, and Top Shop, with a touch of French Connection had the audience inspired to race home and do a clear out and aptly start flexing their credit cards.

However it’s all very well spending money on clothes – and I better than most love to do this, but I must say that the advice given by Isobel and her team was invaluable. I am considered a really fashionable person, and of course I write about fashion, and even I can always do with advice and rescuing from a ‘bad’ fashion choice. I’m a chic yummy mummy you know.

I’ve come away from this event now knowing that neon is a sporty-luxe trend and works best with light grey, and that it is best worn as an accessory such as a skinny belt or strappy heels. And that a BIG bag works well for any shape that wants to look smaller, even us petites. I have my eagle eye on one of the big bags from the Jane Goodchild collection, AND hot stuff from Masato in store at Scarecrow Boutique.

Here are the photos from tonight’s event.


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