Luxe up the printed trouser trend

Occasionally, and I do mean occasionally I opt for the ‘fast fashion’ experience for the sake of trying out a trend, especially if it is a style which may not suit me. But I do give everything a go.

The stores that I do head to on the high street are H&M, Zara and River Island. All are affordable, and while certain pieces are only meant for the one season, they wash up well and can be worn with ease. However I do make sure that I team very basic high street brands with independent luxe designers. So here is my outfit of the day. I hope you like my styling choice.

The printed trousers are from H&M and are available in store right now for £14.95. The cobalt blue top is a shot of bold colour and incorporates a strong colour for summer as well as this season’s lace trend. This sleeveless top is currently in store at H&M for £3.95. See what I mean? Bargain buys.

New shoe love with Miista
I discovered Miista shoes at POP The Fashion Store in Olney at their press event earlier this month. I tried on the mouth-watering tan flats. My feet were so happy that I had to know more about this London based shoe designer and label. The shoes are beautifully crafted. Just look at the rich texture in these Delores yellow shoes, from the stacked wooden heel to the weaving leading up to the peep-toe. I’m going to Tweet this blog to the Miista team so that I can be in with a chance to WIN a fab pair of their shoes…do you know how happy I will be if I was the lucky shoe winner? I may even wear them to bed (I’ll take a photo).

Visit the POP store online.

I am the Earth Goddess
Well it was a great night of discoveries at the POP press event because I then made my way from the shoes to the jewellery. My eyes lit up at the discovery of the Kat&Bee chunky cluster ring that had no trouble fitting on my finger. Then I let my fingers flex a little more, and made the purchase. So where do I start with this perfectly busy design by this London designer. How about the pink triple flowers, rose quartz, an amethyst stone and a 14ct gold filled star-dust bead. Plus 14ct gold filled wire binding it all together. And then if that’s not enough there is a tiny skull and cross bone tucked in amongst it all. This ring is called the Earth Goddess.

Just in time for the Jubilee celebrations (which I am particularly excited about – photos to come of our street party), Kat&Bee together with Grazia to give away 6 of their Jubilee designed rings.

A beautiful clutch
From the shoes to the jewellery to the handbags…POP The Fashion Store has it all. I wanted to give this outfit an evening edge by including this Jane Goodchild Harlow Gold clutch. Again, I’ve chosen this design because it is beautiful, classy and interesting with the double zip detailing and the tassel. Also, a big thing for me is having a big clutch to fit in all my essentials for networking or cocktails with the girls.

Essential wrist cuff
Classy, stunning in design with an industrial edge by using materials such as zippers and nuts and bolts.. I adore everything that this UK jewellery designer, Alice Menter creates. A firm favourite on my lust-have list is the Isla cuff. This style of jewellery is suits all styles of figure, and looks particularly flattering on a bare arm against a striking colour such as this blue top. I’m seeing Alice’s designs in all sorts of publications lately, and I follow Alice and her fab PR team on Twitter.

How I wore the printed trouser trend:



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