Bath time luxury with ABAHNA

Abahna creator Claire Croft has very carefully branded her luxury bath time products as the ‘ceremony of bathing’. An image of Cleopatra style bathing in milk and honey.

What I like about this product:
The products are rich in essential oils, with beautifully selected ingredients with charming names, and divine product packaging. When asked if I would like to sample the products, I was over the moon, because there is one time of day that is absolutely special for me and my Mini, and that is bath time together.

How I’ve been using them:
Mini and I have been sinking into an aromatic bath with the Frangipani and Orange Blossom bath gel, followed by smoothing into our skin the Lilac Rose and Geranium body lotion, and then finally quiet time as Mini gently falls into slumber against a beautifully fragrant Frangipani and Orange Blossom candle.

So while we aren’t exactly bathing in milk and honey, it’s pretty close to it, as Abahna products are the perfect luxe must-have.

Full review to come:
Stay tuned, as I have a lot more Abahna products to enjoy and share with you all.


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