Interview with East London Style: Vintage Queen at heart

A recent lunch at Shoreditch House in fabulously trendy East London brought together a table of fashion-lovers. Instantly I knew Blogging sensation Kari Greaves from her Twitter Gravatar, and my eyes went from her warm smile to her AMAZING Chloe peep-toe shoe boots. Get the look here…

Kari’s Blog is East London Style. And her career is all about fashion, and you can even hire her to de-clutter, revamp and re-style your wardrobe. I particularly like the de-clutter part to this service. And if that’s not enough, she will even breath new life into your wardrobe by doing alterations to clothes that don’t quite fit, or need a bit of updating.

Kari’s Blog profile tells of her passion for baking, travelling to exotic places, Blogging -lover of clothes and shoes, and all things vintage. I just had to find out more about the woman behind East London Style.

 Kari wears a detailed splash of gold with this figure-flattering dress.

What do you look for when you go thrifting? What is your best advice for going thrifting? Keep an open mind, trust your instincts and never be detoured by the state of an item. Most things can be cleaned, mended and altered. Simple things such as rotten elastic can be changed, holes can be mended. If an item is old that expect some wear and tear. Be kind when washing and trying, double-check age / dirt / fabric and then wash to be kind considering all factors.

How many vintage handbags are in your collection? Do you share them, flaunt them, wear them out and about? At a rough count I have approximately 120 of which I am happy to use all of them. Some are dotted around the house hanging from door knobs, others just resting on surfaces to be seen. I’m lucky enough to have a room as my wardrobe so they are stored in shelving or in beautiful old trunks.

What is your most treasured vintage item in your wardrobe? I have strange affiliation with almost all my clothing that I can remember why I bought something, how it made me feel at the time, the place and the cost. It’s hard to say what’s my favourite as there are so many, perhaps the 50’s red dress I wore to a friends baby shower having just found out myself that I was pregnant or the handmade lace dress worn when my husband proposed. It’s tough with over 500 dresses I have a lot to choose from…

What are your favourite vintage stores for us who live in London? I adore! Yep adore, The Shop on Cheshire St. It is full of amazing pieces at reasonable prices, 1930’s dresses nestle amongst Aran knits, amazing haberdashery, blankets and jewels. I actually pop in every week as they have new finds every week. And never fail to come away with something – anything from a wedding dress to crochet blankets which the whole family use including Jasper our Schnauzer. (Find this wonderful place near Shoreditch Tube).

Kari found this gorgeous beaded bag at The Shop, East London.

I love Portobello Rd market on a Sunday, it’s less crowded and you can have a good mooch slowly without the hustle and bustle. If you fancy the hustle and bustle try Portobello Rd on a Friday – great for vintage.

Other East London favs include Blondie (Commercial St), Spitalfields Market on a Thursday, This Shop Rocks (Brick Lane) .

Outside of London – get a day return to Paris and hit the Marais vintage shops and the Clignancourt Markets for amazing vintage find. Last week I spent 120 Euros and came away with:

Two 1950’s bags
A silk dress
1950 taffeta cocktail dress
1950 working costume watch
1930 belt
1980 costume jewellery – necklace
Cotton skirt with the greatest Aztec print

Kari, ChicFantastique loves your style. You can keep up to date with the musings of this vintage fashion queen on Twitter @eastlondonstyle, and follow her Blog.


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