Beauty Twitter Party a success

Thank you all for joining in our beauty twitter party. Did you all get good ideas for blogs, skin routines, make new friends too?

The surprising result of our beauty party chat was that not one person condoned or admitted to having had or wanting to explore the surgical side of the beauty game.

The mere mention of Botox was met with a a wall of negativity. With high praise for happiness on the inside, a healthy diet, and exercise. I openly would explore Botox around my eyes and forehead… And yes, I have a fringe to hide the many creases, as suggested by one Twitter friend.

Drinking plenty of water during the day is my downfall. I can feel my skin tighten around my cheeks and eyes if I don’t keep hydrated.

Speaking of the eyes, we are still loving great eye make up removers and eye creams. Cornflower water applied with soft, cotton pads does wonders for tired eyes.

We also love balms. I am particularly fond of a rose cleansing balm by Neals Yard. The grime and make up instantly melt, and I remove with a damp, warm muslin cloth. Brightening Balm by Clarins also received a shout out. Anything that promises a brighter, illuminous complexion is my friend.

Surprisingly not a lot of our Tweeters had tried face oils. I suppose we are scared that an oil can be good for our skin. I have oily and dry sections of my face and I just could not have thought that adding a face oil to an oily patch of skin would see good results. I love the face oil range by Alaya Beauty. Handmade, her range of oils are for blemished skin, as well as anti ageing.

Obsessed with keeping ourselves as fresh and youthful as possible, we indulge in non-greasy hand creams – I love the ABAHNA Mandarin and Sicilian Bergamot hand cream. It smells great and once applied, I can use my keypad straight away!

The neck, mouth and eyes are always the first to suffer when we’ve had illness, no sleep or are stressed.

We can’t help our busy lives, but beauty products can make things a little easier when the going gets tough.


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