Fashion opinion: a place for fashion graduates on the high street

It was a fashionable fathers day for all men yesterday as the curtain closed on what has been heralded a successful first ever male fashion event in London.

London Collections: MEN SS13 showcased the known and very importantly the unknown. I set up ChicFantastique based on spotlighting hot, new design talent to drive the fashion business forward.

Over the last month the Fashion Colleges across the UK have also been busy showcasing their crop of design talent, which from all reports has been a highly polished and professional affair.

The British fashion industry is highly populated, and while a student is encouraged to be adventurous and innovative in design and method, if you can design a garment that can be mass-produced then you’re on to a winner.

However saying this, it’s the unknown which is the most desirable for A-listers. To be spotted at fashion week, and subsequently worn by celebrities who can’t get enough of individual and un-copied garments means instant success.

By organising fashion showcases, allocating fashion graduate opportunities with high-street retailers and adapting a design as a high-street offering, plenty of exposure is guaranteed.

The reputation of British Fashion as a world class leader has been firmly cemented after this past month. Well done all involved.


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