Style file: Ascot, don’t be caught out

Following on from the month-long fashion showcase from UK colleges, and the first ever Fashion Week for men, comes Ascot.

Where the horses provide a mere backdrop to the fashion-savvy. Where the order of the day is champagne, dainty macaroons, picnic hampers, and more champagne. Where the horses are paraded in all their glory; where the fashionable parade their wonderful outfits. And the rules are exceptionally strict this year for the Royal Enclosure.I love Ascot, and I have an odds on favourite tip for one of the races…very exciting. So, what will I be wearing? It’s a hat affair and a fabulous Chloe dress of a modest length, and flattering tights or stockings. No bare legs girls. It doesn’t matter how in shape they are – waxed, preened, primed and toned…it’s a stocking affair.

Always a fan of Pretty Polly, their selection are perfect for absolutely any occasion. And I adore their hipster range so I am guaranteed that there won’t be any creases around my middle.

Unless you’re famous, keep your outfit classic with an interesting twist – a bow here, an over-sized button there, and fabulously eye-catching shoes.

But don’t be boring – Ascot is not an excuse to dress like your grandmother. Bright colours will work, even on a fairly typical grey day. And don’t forget that a lot of places to be seen such as the Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar are on the lawn, and with so much rain of late, keep the shoes fabulous and wedged…you don’t want to have heels sinking into mud.

Please ladies, no tattoos. This look is just awful. What seemed like a good idea on a hot summer holiday is just not cool. But if you do have one, please don’t have it showing at such a prestigious event. It just looks tacky.

No to the midriff look. As much as you think you want to do a Rhianna, Ascot is not the time nor place for showing the belly. Keep that muffin well hidden, and a fashion rule that should be spoken of a lot more is GOOD UNDERWEAR. A good, well-fitting, flattering bra and pants that keep everything in and together.

For those who are just going to ignore the dress code, Ascot organisers are actually going to hand out pashminas, fascinators and ties to visitors who fail to meet the stringent new style rules. Boy, they are good!

Now, for the men. A suit is a must, and definitely with a tie if you are planning to be in the Grandstand. Those lucky enough to be in the Royal Enclosure must wear a morning suit – grey and navy are really good colours, and you can team beautifully with the right tie.

A tie or lapel pin is a very dapper accessory for the men this season.

See my Royal Ascot Pinterest board for inspiration…



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