Venus Williams set for fashion love

After going out in Monday’s opening day at Wimbledon, Venus Williams is putting her fashion foot forward with her collection of sporty fashion. It seems appropriate that the controversial centre-court fashion diva is turning her love of the eye-catching garments into the commercial fashion world.

The sport range for actual tennis playing is really cute, cool, and why-not! The off-court range is pretty bland, nothing that sets her design talent apart from most high-street fashion. Is this the case of yet another celebrity putting their name to a design so that it increases sales? Well, Miss V  actually has a fashion design degree and has been conscious of a pursuing a different career path after the tennis is over and out.

Her design label EleVen, has been enjoying a new lease of life with shots of neon, bright colour blocking, crop tops to show off toned stomachs, and body-hugging dresses and hipster-fitted trousers. She has designed a range for showing off on the court, off the court, and there is also a planned men’s range.


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