Join the gNappie revolution

I remember the buckets of soaking nappies in my parents laundry. The smell of Nappy Sanitiser, and washing lines filled with white cloth nappies drying in the sunshine. Well, in Australia we seem to have more sunshine than the UK most of the time.

When asked my girlfriend Steph if I would consider changing from disposable nappies to a more Earth friendly cloth nappy, all I could think of was all that washing, and a line FULL of terry towelling nappies.

But this is not the case with gNappies. Tonight, after weeks of research into the most beneficial cloth alternative for bub that is easy to use, easy to wash, and not too heavy on the purse, we are now a fully functional gNappie household for a happy baby and a happy planet.

With the help of Steph, I have put together our starter kit of 6 tres cute cloth pants in orange and green which come with the gpant pouch that is easy to remove for wiping clean. Then there are 12 hemp inserts that you wash; and a box of 105 biodegradable gcloth liners that collect the waste and you simply flush into the toilet. You can purchase direct from the gNappie website, or through Amazon.

Chic Mini decided to be ridiculously active this evening either crawling, trying to stand and bouncing up and down. She put her gNappie to the comfort test. It won, hands down.

Steph is slowly converting all around her as we see how easy it all is, and compared with purchasing nasty disposable nappies over the next so many years, we are doing our bit to lessen the harm to the planet. Steph is planning to start an online support network – an advocacy and education blog or website that encourages us to think about the environment pre pregnancy and beyond. What do you think of this idea?

I will keep you posted when the site goes live, as it is going to be a hit. In the mean time, enjoy the little gNappie photo shoot staring Chic Mini in her cute orange number…


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