I’m a BB girl now

Out go the hundreds of make up samples, pressed powders, cover sticks, anti-aging, 24 hour, tinted moisturizer creams. In with the BB, and refer to me as Little Miss BB thank you very much.

Fascinated with this BB revolution (BB stands for beauty balm – or bloody brilliant), I embarked on a month-long research campaign into what would suit me. BB cream instantly hides imperfections, brightens skin, and evens out different tones and redness. Everyone is joining the BB marketing revolution, from Clinique to Estee Lauder, Mac and Dior, all boasting important anti-oxygen, pore refining, anti-aging and anti-tiredness, anti-puffing formulas.

I don’t mind spending money on beauty products if they work. But I didn’t know if BB would work, so I decided to research first and spend a middle of the road amount. I chose Nearly Nude BB by L’Oreal, and No. 7 Beautiful Skin.

Nearly Nude BB by L’Oreal

This cream is white and is tiny beads and when I put it on my skin I thought it was a scrub. These tiny beads are in fact ‘Smart Pigment Capsules’ which release coloured pigments that adjust to your skin tone.¬† So any irregular colour on your skin will be corrected and imperfections are magically ‘poofed’ away. This cream gives amazing and instant coverage that lasts all day, and I feel that I give myself a mini facial each time I apply it.

No. 7 Beautiful Skin

This is permanently in my handbag and is a part of my on site event kit – which means that summer is here and I am busy on the go, go, go running a season of events for my clients. I carry everything from a mini sewing kit and make up to a yellow high-vis for build days. The best thing about the No. 7 BB is that there are three types to suit different skins: Normal/Dry; Dry/Very Dry; Normal/Oily so you can get the right formula for you. I chose a medium colour which blends beautifully with my natural skin tone even in the warmer months. It also brings out a glow to my cheeks.

The results

Okay, so this is really brave of me to be so up close and personal with you all. But for those who know me best I would not bare all if something didn’t work, and I was screaming great things about it. On the left are two strips of my chosen BBs. The white stripe is the L’Oreal BB, and the swatch of tint is the No. 7 BB. As you can see I don’t have brilliant skin and I have a few freckles across my nose, but once rubbed in, my skin is glowing and camera ready.

Try it for yourself and tell me how you get on.


5 thoughts on “I’m a BB girl now

  1. Have finally plucked up the courage to open up a blog account…PLUS I always wondered what that BB cream was that they are all raving about in China!!! Tee hee!!!
    Here’s hoping i’m not going to be blocked when I get back there!!!
    Hugs lovely!!

    1. Awesome – great to have you along. Can’t wait to read your blog honey. Yup the BB cream it is…and it is from our South East Asian friends – thank you very very much. Which one will you be trying? x

  2. I’m using Maybelline and Estee Lauder BBs at the moment. Mostly because they have spf 30 and 35. I think I like Maybelline more, it leaves my face less shiny than Estee Lauder one. Based on your revew I’d be interested in trying the No7 one, maybe they do a higher SPF one as well?

    1. I really like the No.7 – it does give a very nice glow to your skin too. The No.7 range is surprisingly GOOD. x

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