My addiction….summer time luxury

The count down is on until our summer sun get-away where we leave the UK behind and head for guaranteed sunshine.

Brilliant yellow sunshine over a sea of glistening Azure.

Okay, stop day dreaming and let me tell you all about my summer addictions.
We’ve had barely any days that we can honestly say we have been sweltering here in the UK, but on the odd day I have been in the office rather hot and bothered.

And sometimes I forget to even drink any water. I know – shock and horror that I can have my habitual one-a-day soya latte, and absolutely no water.

So, here’s what’s in my handbag to keep me cool and hydrated throughout my summer, sun-shiney day (even when it isn’t really that hot and sunny)…

Angelica Hydrating Face Mist 100ml from L’Occitane.
A handbag must-have this product will give skin a refreshing boost on the go. It wakes tired eyes, and also has a gorgeous scent which doubles as very light perfume. mmmmmm, delish!

Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot hand cream from Abahna.
Mandarin oil is clean and zesty and is believed to inspire positive energy as well as improving mood and restoring equilibrium. Often known as ‘the sunshine oil’, Sicilian bergamot oil has a refreshing scent with balsamic undertones. This sweet citrus hand cream with floral notes is the perfect way to care for your hands whilst smelling divine.

Always my essential BB cream. At the moment I am loving No. 7 Beautiful Skin.
Flawless, light-weight finish, and a lovely peachy colour. Great for holiday skin.
Read my previous review: I’m a BB girl now.

Mao Feng Green Tea from Teapigs. I first discovered these range of fabulous, eye-catching teas as a trade show and promptly started selling this tea at my restaurant. These days, my ‘tea’ cupboard is full of boxes of Teapigs, and my absolute favourite is the Mao Feng Green Tea. Always a bag in my purse, brewed to perfection with a slice of lemon. It makes me feel good on a lazy day when I don’t feel like a run or a gym workout.

The ChicFantastique Top 10 Holiday Essentials…
1. Bikini line (and a bit more) wax – a necessary visit to the salon
2. Eye brow threading – a necessary visit to the salon
3. Bikini with detachable neck strap. Nautical navy & red stripes from Accessorize
4. A dose of St Tropez holiday tan in the lead up.
5. Factor 30SPF – loving Dermalogica
6. Essential handbag (even a neat compartment for an extra nappy and wipes) – I’ve chosen the Aubrey England Sultan Tote
7. Ipanema Gisele Flip Flops – I have two pairs with another on the way
8. Straw Panama hat
9. Baby
10. Husband



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