Crazy for the Masato Tee

I love anything created by Masato Jones.

This time the London based fashion designer puts his creative hands to designing a very cute printed limited edition t-shirt. It’s a unisex tee for the boys and girls – funky, space-like Anime dreamt up by my Japanese born friend.

Look cool in this fitted Tee donning a fun cartoon style critter. It’s a cross between Donnie Darko and a character from Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Choose from classic black and white, or edgy ‘pop’ yellow. Click here to see more…

The Tee’s are available at Scarecrow Boutique, Crouch End, London. Also from Masato’s latest boutique home, POP The Fashion Store, Olney, and of course online. The Tee’s are £25 each, available for the gorgeous boys and girls in XS, S, M, L and XL.

And you’ll like that a percentage of each Tee sold goes to The Salvation Army – doing our thing for those less fortunate.


Style file: fun and edgy teamed with skinny jeans, and Nike Air Force pink and white sneakers.



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