ChicFantastique reviews Collagen Shots the drink

Here we go ladies…and gents. Collagen Shots the drink made themselves known to me through the world of Twitter (don’t we just love this virtual world of new friends and product finds).

Collagen Shots is anti-aging in a drink. It’s a completely British product which comes in a power with a scoop and measures out exactly 30 shots. That’s one per night before your evening slumber for a month. And a month is all you will need to see a difference. The promise is rejuvenation and elasticity, as well as a lot of in-depth scientific knowledge and studies that go along with this product promise.

As you know, I am a sucker for anything anti-aging, and while I haven’t ruled out surgery, this non-surgical answer to my prayers works.

The drink:
A level scoop of the power is added to my pint of water and this is what I drank every night immediately before I went to bed. Of course I needed to use the bathroom at about 5am each morning, but that was the least of my worries.

The result:
One week in and my skin had cleared of all spots. I tend to get the occasional breakout on my forehead and neck (hormonal).
Two weeks in and my eyes are really bright and clear.
Three weeks in and standing naked in the mirror I notice something completely random – the skin on my stomach, post baby, is taut and not looking as dimpled.
My final drink and my skin is glowing, and the fat on my stomach is disappearing very easily.

I ended up with really hard skin on the soles of my feet. I am not saying that this is directly linked to the drink, but I don’t suffer with hard foot skin, yet all of a sudden while taking this drink I did.

Post drink:
I decided to really give this drink the full test and have taken August off from Collagen Shots. All I can say is ‘bring on September’. I have little breakouts on my skin, and I think I just look tired, although a bout of recent holiday sunshine is keeping me looking good.

Collagen Shots the drink website
The cost is £30 for a month’s supply (approximately £1 per day)

6 thoughts on “ChicFantastique reviews Collagen Shots the drink

  1. It’s fabulous. Been using it for 4 or 5 months now. Wouldn’t be without it and I’m 41 but people mistake me for 36 ish…. so something’s or somebody is doing something right. Tracey x

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