Preparing for London Fashion Week: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Count down to London Fashion Week is on. We’ve prepared our outfits and matching flats for dashing between venues, and now we are sorting the make-up kit.

As you know I am a complete BB convert and preach BB wherever and whenever I can. Today’s make-up kit is as minimal as possible, yet those key products create maximum impact.

One product I have struggled with is a primer. Think of your face as a piece of wood furniture which is being given a fresh look. Of course we prepare and prime the surface, and then the gloss coat for a stunning finish.

Okay, so this is our face, and like the piece of wood furniture, a primer makes sense? Finally after a lot of trial and error I have found Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. Smooth, silky, holds my BB make-up in place, and gives me a really dewy look all day long. Fashion Week is intense and a lot goes into preparing a 15 minute stage show. We all need to look our best, as you never know when the cameras are snapping.

I purchased this product from Liberty London – £52 for 30ml. Watch this inspiring Hourglass product tutorial video here to get the best result.


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