Coffee Time With eightpointnine

Thank you eightpointnine. Owner, Kris – it’s all in a day’s work.
Getting me through London Fashion Week, plus a host of launch events and writing deadlines has been Eightpointnine. My very own blend of coffee beans delivered every Thursday morning by Vera my lovely French postie. The Graze Box of the coffee world Eightpointnine allows you to choose the strength of your blend and then choose how many times a week or month you want a delivery.
A firm favourite of the Masato design team, I am sure that their order will increase in the lead up to Essex Fashion Week.
I choose the whole beans as I have a fab Krupps coffee bean electric grinder. I whizz the beans fresh each morning then keep in my little Nigella Lawson coffee tin and voila – my own coffee to hand every single day of my life.
For the team behind the concept, Paul and Kris, Eightpointnine was born out of the belief that supermarkets weren’t able to offer the quality of beans to make the perfect cup. So armed with a small amount of knowledge and a passion to make a difference, the duo set out on a journey which eventually became an online sensation being Tweeted, Blogged, Insagram’d, appearing on Tumblr and more.

Speaking with Paul and Kris, the coffee duo compare their e-commerce business to that of a small boutique shop, the kind where the owner knows you personally and you can chat with them about what they sell and they help you before, during and after your purchase. “Social media has given the company the opportunity to be that little bit more personal and to really stimulate debate which we think is critical for developing our business. Its nice when it’s all working great but it’s also wonderful when somebody has a problem with us, or a question about something then we can address this for them and for all our customers”. 

If ever you are travelling to Norway, the boys can’t get enough of…
Cafe Dromedar – the guys in there really know there beans, the best way to make the coffee and some of the bespoke drinks they do are truly incredible. Check out the Chilli Kaffe if you ever get the opportunity, you won’t be disappointed. Beyond that you can’t really beat the atmosphere and feeling of tasting coffee right at the source but this is not an experience you have everyday”.
Eightpointnine coffee is fairtrade sourced and small-batch roasted here in the UK and their roast-masters are among the most experienced in the business. Imagine being coined a ROAST-MASTER?

What blend are YOU currently drinking?
I’m trying out one of our upcoming grandCRUs which we are calling Espresso Yourself. It’s a lethal combination of Kenyan and Brazilian, not too sweet and not too spicy! Below, EightPointNine owner Paul mixes his favourite blend.

How to make the perfect cup…
Take 8.9 grams of our hand-blended coffee, combine in a cafetière with 160ml of water boiled to 92C then wait for minutes and enjoy! That is certainly one way but of course everyone has their own favourite method”.

Other news: Look out as eightpointnine comes to Europe soon. Keep up to date with their blog.

Our gift to you: Enter code CHIC at the checkout to receive your first coffee order free, and your second order half price.


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