Day 2 – Dion Lee

I was very excited to be a part of the audience for this presentation from Australian designer Dion Lee. I’ll share a little secret as I almost missed the start as dashing from Somerset House to Bloomsbury wasn’t as easy as I thought…But one really does bend over backwards when a fabulous invitation comes my way. In fact, can I please have a Mercedes Benz LFW car?

So, on with the show-tation (show and presentation). Futuristic cut-outs were the them of Dion Lee’s collection. A sporty-luxe, minimalist reminding me of ‘Mad Max’ – befitting, as both hail from Australia. It was mid-drift-tastic with this collection, and fellow Tweeters and Bloggers have even suggested that Lee may have been the influence behind Alexander Wang’s collection.

The collection was smooth, sophisticated and received very well by the audience. At one stage I cast my eyes away from the uber-crisp whitenss of the main event to see members of the audience enthusiastically nudge one another and nod with glowing approval.


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