The hoodie is back: Richard Nicoll SS13

There was something in the air inside the stark, crisp whiteness that is the interior of The Dairy in Wakefield Street which played host to Richard Nicoll’s unveiling of his SS13 collection.

We were greeted with the sweet scent, of what I am told was ‘Diptyque Cypres’, and an eye-blinding perfectly straight neon line catwalk.

And like the neon line, we were treated to the perfect poker-straight pony-tail – simple, super shiney and suited this very sport-luxe collection of what can only be described as inspired by road works.

The hoodie has been given a designer make-over even suitable for the office, and all of a sudden we all want one. Mesh, zips, ice blue, the return for another season of Nicoll cobalt blue, yellow and apricot, teamed with astonishingly bright neon yellow and orange stacked-heel sandals – keeping the neon theme truly alive into SS13.

Pre-show warm up…This perfectly straight neon yellow line certainly kept the production team super busy keeping it super clean as guests ignored the endless requests to “keep off the line”.It’s all hands on deck protecting the neon catwalk line…which was stunning, I must say.
…so, on with the show.
The ice-blue looked was a contrast that worked set again the neon.

If the neon yellow wasn’t enough, ladies and gentlemen, here comes the neon orange. Fabulous!







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